17 weeks and teething

well… i’ve done it again. i’ve gotten so busy that i forgot to blog for… 10 weeks. oops.

since the last time i wrote, emery and i went to chicago to see family, my dad got married and now we’re back in scottsdale. emery can now completely hold her head up on her own, roll from tummy to back and on friday she started rolling from back to tummy. i’m sure i’m not the first mom to be absolutely terrified… i’m not at all ready for a mobile little one. almost gone are the days when i can put her in one spot and she’ll stay put while i pee.
we’ve started experimenting with babywearing. i bought the ergobaby original with the infant insert and i received the baby k’taan for my baby shower. i first tried the baby k’taan right after i had emery and i was still in the process of losing my pregnancy weight, so it didn’t fit and just wound up frustrating emery and i. the baby k’taan is sized to fit the wearer, not the baby, which is difficult if ben ever wanted to wear it… we’d have to buy a second one. then i gave in and bought the ergobaby original with the infant insert. it was a breeze to put on and emery loved it. the downside to the ergo was that when she was tinier, we needed to use the infant insert which was a good concept in theory, but living in arizona, it can be dangerously hot. if you’ve never seen it, it’s like a little mini comforter cannoli with a pillow at the bottom that provides a boost as well as head support for babies who haven’t quite mastered neck control yet. the insert was nice in the chilly grocery store, though. but now i’m getting off-topic. ANYWAY! i’m bought a ring sling. i’ve heard great things and they’re supposed to be easy to nurse in (a skill i have not yet attempted with the k’taan or the ergo).
ohhhhh what i wouldn’t give to be able to nurse no-handed while walking around the apartment.
i wound up buying the sakura bloom in marine. it’s a BEAUTIFUL blue color and it’s a really nice, sturdy linen. i washed it this morning and now i’m waiting for it to dry. fingers crossed we can use it tomorrow.

emery is going through a god-awful leap (wonder weeks, anyone?) slash growth spurt and she just started teething.
so… much… drool…
my heart aches for her, i’m sure it’s extremely painful and it isn’t like you can explain what’s going on and why to a four-month-old.
and on top of it, i clipped her finger last night while i was cutting her nails. there was blood and tears (more from me than her) but ultimately, a band-aid fixed everything. i felt like the world’s worst mom, worthy of being fired. ben said that i should go to “mommy jail.” thanks, ben.
i, naturally, googled what to do and realized that it’s basically a rite of passage into motherhood. it won’t be the last time i’ll have to apply pressure and sing to distract her from the blood. i see a lot of cut fingers and scraped knees in my future.

i bought punkin butt teething oil for emmy’s gums and she was a little hesitant. i’ve been giving her tylenol and that seems to be working, but i don’t like the idea of giving her so much acetaminophen. i’ll try the oil again later this week. the doctor said that she’s just going through a very “oral phase” and i probably shouldn’t worry too much about teeth coming through yet, although it is possible that her gums are beginning to get sore.

being a mom is exhausting!

in beauty news…
i’ve switched from bobbi brown brow powder to an anastasia beverly hills ‘brow wiz’ brow pencil in chocolate ($21 at sephora) and i swear it changed my life. my brows look FIERCE. i’m a fan of natural-looking brows for every day and i like to save the super-stylized sharp-edged brows for when i go out (which is never… but when it DOES happen…). it’s super easy to use with the skinny pencil on one side and a spoolie on the other for blending and grooming. i just use short strokes from the inner corner to the outer edge and it’s kinda fun! it takes a little longer than i was spending with the powder, but it’s well worth the few extra seconds.

i made an attempt at making a graphic with a picture of the brow pencil and my eyebrows after i used it, but my skills are sub-par at best. i’m working on it.


well… i know this was kind of a hodgepodge post, but i’m still trying to find my stride with this blog. so here’s a picture of emery to make up for my nonsense.


next post is going to be a recipe… yay!

xo, a

from LA to AZ

it’s hard to believe my little one is already 7 weeks old. i never believed other parents when they gushed about how quickly it goes, but it turns out they weren’t lying.

i was planning to start the blog on january first, but life got a little hectic. in january, ben and i made the decision to move to scottsdale, arizona in march when our lease was up. it was time to give up our big city lifestyle for something a little quieter. we went to visit in late january and found a beautiful two-bedroom apartment and we signed a lease.

emery rose came into the world on valentine’s day, my very favorite holiday. i’m convinced she waited the five days past her due date because she knew. at 5:56 am, after 19 hours of labor, my little 7 lb 14 oz, 19.5-inch bundle screamed her way into our life. i watched from the operating table as ben fell in love with this very upset mini human and i fell more in love with him. it was the best (and most memorable) valentine’s day i’ve ever had. ben is gonna have a hard time topping that one. it was quite the birth story, but that’s another post for another day.

we moved to scottsdale on march 20th with the help of ben’s parents. it was an emotional 401-mile car ride away from the place where we called home for 15 months, got engaged and had our daughter. i have a love-hate relationship with LA, but it’ll always have a place in my heart.

since the move, ben started his job and i’ve started mine as a stay-at-home-mom. it’s been an interesting couple of weeks, but i’m finally adjusting. boxes are slowly getting unpacked, we’re settling into a routine and scottsdale is starting to feel like home. i forgot how convenient living in the suburbs was and i never thought i missed them until i became a mom. FREE parking at whole foods? AND i don’t have to drive around for 45 minutes to find a spot?! DRIVE THRU STARBUCKS!??!?!? i think i died in an accident ’cause this must be heaven (kanye anyone?)

the transition from los angeles to scottsdale has been much easier than the transition from chicago to los angeles. moving away from my very close-knit family was the single most difficult decision i’ve ever made and i struggled with it the entire time we were in LA. it’s still hard, but emery is a welcome distraction. besides, everyone is itching to come see her, so i’ll be seeing much more of them this year. we’ve already entertained both of my parents, my grandma and ben’s parents. and both of my parents have trips already lined up to come out to see us this summer and fall. i’m happy to know that even though we’re so far away, they will still be prominent figures in my daughter’s life.

well… now you know my story. i plan to use this blog to post about my transition into motherhood as well as arizona residency and come summer 2016, marriage. prepare for recipes, fashion, makeup, interior design, wedding, all things baby and anything else that pops into my head.

i hope you all enjoyed reading and i hope you continue to read as my life gets more and more interesting.

xo, amanda.