i’ve been MIA!
it’s been quite the busy couple of weeks.

last monday, my dad and brother flew in from a fighting game tournament in las vegas and then last wednesday, ben, emery and i went to chicago for the weekend to celebrate my gran’s 88th birthday.
it was more for “business” than pleasure, but we still had a wonderful time. most of the weekend was spent in the car bouncing between family functions, but saturday night we had some free time and spent the evening walking around the city…

it was so nice walking around downtown where with our daughter exactly two years after we met, in the place where it all began. we spent time in the park where ben took me on one of our first dates and we strolled and reminisced about our first summer together.

she didn’t really seem to care about our memories because she was ready for bed, but at least we can say that we took her there when she was a baby. and we have the pictures to prove it.

we also went to chinatown with my little brother and up to kenosha, wisconsin to visit ben’s parents.

it was a quick trip, but it was nice to see family and friends. it was even nicer to come back to phoenix. two trips to chicago in six weeks was WAY too much. traveling with a 5-month-old was stressful and it feels good to be back with our cat in our messy apartment, 1,700 miles away from all the people that stress us out.

i’m spending the week unpacking and cleaning up around here, but hopefully once everything is back in order, i’ll be back on here more often. i’m making it a goal to write at least 3 times a week!

i hope everyone is having a wonderful month 🙂

xo, a

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