my summer playlist

i am a HUGE fan of the mixtape.
my car doesn’t have an aux cable so i can’t plug my phone in and i get sick of the radio VERY quickly.
my solution? CDs.
my center console is packed to capacity with mix CDs that i’ve made over the past 10(!) years.
ben calls me a baby hoarder. i get really sentimental.

every summer i put together a playlist that becomes my go-to for the car or cleaning dance parties at home.
as i discover new music, it gets added in and by the fall, i have one huge, awesome playlist that takes me back when i’m feeling nostalgic.

here’s what i have so far this summer…

i JUST got spotify! i love it so far. i basically joined so that i could add music to the blog.

if you’re on spotify, follow me & my summer ’14 playlist for new additions.
i’ve already started going playlist crazy.
stay tuned for more tons more playlists. i hope you like them as much as i do!

what are you listening to this summer?

xo, a


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