i’ve been MIA!
it’s been quite the busy couple of weeks.

last monday, my dad and brother flew in from a fighting game tournament in las vegas and then last wednesday, ben, emery and i went to chicago for the weekend to celebrate my gran’s 88th birthday.
it was more for “business” than pleasure, but we still had a wonderful time. most of the weekend was spent in the car bouncing between family functions, but saturday night we had some free time and spent the evening walking around the city…
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my summer playlist

i am a HUGE fan of the mixtape.
my car doesn’t have an aux cable so i can’t plug my phone in and i get sick of the radio VERY quickly.
my solution? CDs.
my center console is packed to capacity with mix CDs that i’ve made over the past 10(!) years.
ben calls me a baby hoarder. i get really sentimental.

every summer i put together a playlist that becomes my go-to for the car or cleaning dance parties at home.
as i discover new music, it gets added in and by the fall, i have one huge, awesome playlist that takes me back when i’m feeling nostalgic.

here’s what i have so far this summer…
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hi july

happy july!

i started writing this post on the first but never finished… typical.

i hope everyone had a happy fourth! we had our first as a family and our first in phoenix.

we went to lunch, walked around the waterfront and then mall where it was air-conditioned. for dinner, made brats at home and relaxed. the resort by our complex had fireworks so we didn’t even have to leave the apartment to see them.

next year we’re planning to get out of town for the holiday like everyone else in phoenix. this year, the holiday kind of snuck up on me and i didn’t have time to craft, bake and decorate like i had originally planned. next year emery will be able to help!


dress by baby gap, ruffle tank onesie by carter’s

how did everyone celebrate the fourth of july? and what does everyone have going on this month?

i’m gonna post again a little bit later assuming emery is still asleep!

xo, a