crafting mama

hello! happy monday!

so, while i was pregnant, i decided that i was going to make my own fabric hair ties because the store-bought ones are SO expensive and i go through them too quickly to rationalize spending $2.50+ a piece.
i spent ~$60 on fold-over elastic on etsy and got busy. in two days, i made over 300 (!!!!!) fabric hair ties. it was easy and i enjoyed sitting there, watching netflix and tying knots.
my mom suggested i sell them on etsy, but i decided to keep them for myself.

i had some leftover hello kitty elastic and decided to turn it into a headband for emery. it wound up being the most adorable thing i’ve ever seen, so i decided to buy more elastic and take a stab at making adjustable baby headbands (adjustable so i don’t have to keep making new ones every time her head grows).
the plan so far is to just make them for emmy, but maybe if it goes well and i have enough left over, i’ll sell some on etsy. can’t hurt, right?

i’m also planning on buying a bunch of bows and making a bow-holder from a picture frame and ribbon that can double as a wall decoration for her nursery. i actually got the idea from a wedding i assisted on last summer. we took an old picture frame and stapled ribbon in the wedding colors from top to bottom. then, we used glue dots to stick the escort cards to the ribbon. it turned out SO cute and it was super easy. it wound up being a little windy that night so we had a hard time keeping the escort cards stuck to the ribbon, but it stayed long enough for a few pictures… which is all that matters.

i’m also working on some art for emmy’s nursery. i’ve scoured tumblr, pinterest and all of the picture folders on my computer and i’ve started printing out pictures for the wall above her crib. i’m planning to use a variety of white frames in all shapes and sizes. i’m planning to fill the frames with whatever i can find, including hand-painted lettering by me, quotes and pictures of ben and i. i’m even sneaking in pictures of daft punk and lana del rey. here are a few of my favorites…

wall collage


since her entire room is going to be gray and white, i’ll be using the images in the frames to inject a little color. i’m also considering red and pink heart wall decals for the wall across from her crib and the inside of the door that i found at urban outfitters.

my life is a series of unfinished DIY projects, i swear. i’m so determined to make her real nursery as cute as the one i’m picturing in my head.

what do you have going on? i wanna see those projects!

xo, a

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