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my beauty top 5

i love makeup.

and i love making lists.

so this is the beginning of a series of top 5 things that i love.

let’s start with makeup.

my top 5 beauty picks – makeup edition

5. too faced chocolate soleil bronzer in milk chocolate ($30, sephora)


i’m really pale. i’ve been through a lot of bronzers. my previous favorite was sugar cosmetics tropic tan bronzer. it was perfect… and then i couldn’t find it. i used to hit pan every. time… the only thing i loved more was the pink-tipped kabuki brush that came with it.
ahh, high school.
but ANYWAY. when sephora and ulta stopped carrying sugar cosmetics (RIP), i switched to too faced chocolate soleil bronzer. it’s matte. and it smells like chocolate.
it’s awesome. i searched a very long time for a matte bronzer, and this one is my favorite. if i’m looking for shimmer, i use NARS bronzer in laguna. but for everyday, i like matte.
it also comes in a darker shade.
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the day my boyfriend became my fiancé.

i never understood those couples who got engaged and made the decision to wait to get married…
until ben and i became one of those couples.

ben proposed on july 23, 2013.
i was 11 weeks pregnant.
before we found out that we were expecting emery, we had discussed marriage and decided that we wanted to wait a few years before we considered getting engaged, but it was definitely what we both wanted. when that little pink line showed up on the pregnancy test, we had the conversation again and, again, decided to wait.


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crafting mama

hello! happy monday!

so, while i was pregnant, i decided that i was going to make my own fabric hair ties because the store-bought ones are SO expensive and i go through them too quickly to rationalize spending $2.50+ a piece.
i spent ~$60 on fold-over elastic on etsy and got busy. in two days, i made over 300 (!!!!!) fabric hair ties. it was easy and i enjoyed sitting there, watching netflix and tying knots.
my mom suggested i sell them on etsy, but i decided to keep them for myself.

i had some leftover hello kitty elastic and decided to turn it into a headband for emery. it wound up being the most adorable thing i’ve ever seen, so i decided to buy more elastic and take a stab at making adjustable baby headbands (adjustable so i don’t have to keep making new ones every time her head grows).
the plan so far is to just make them for emmy, but maybe if it goes well and i have enough left over, i’ll sell some on etsy. can’t hurt, right?

i’m also planning on buying a bunch of bows and making a bow-holder from a picture frame and ribbon that can double as a wall decoration for her nursery. i actually got the idea from a wedding i assisted on last summer. we took an old picture frame and stapled ribbon in the wedding colors from top to bottom. then, we used glue dots to stick the escort cards to the ribbon. it turned out SO cute and it was super easy. it wound up being a little windy that night so we had a hard time keeping the escort cards stuck to the ribbon, but it stayed long enough for a few pictures… which is all that matters.

i’m also working on some art for emmy’s nursery. i’ve scoured tumblr, pinterest and all of the picture folders on my computer and i’ve started printing out pictures for the wall above her crib. i’m planning to use a variety of white frames in all shapes and sizes. i’m planning to fill the frames with whatever i can find, including hand-painted lettering by me, quotes and pictures of ben and i. i’m even sneaking in pictures of daft punk and lana del rey. here are a few of my favorites…

wall collage


since her entire room is going to be gray and white, i’ll be using the images in the frames to inject a little color. i’m also considering red and pink heart wall decals for the wall across from her crib and the inside of the door that i found at urban outfitters.

my life is a series of unfinished DIY projects, i swear. i’m so determined to make her real nursery as cute as the one i’m picturing in my head.

what do you have going on? i wanna see those projects!

xo, a

lactation cookies

so, before i took my trip to chicago, the stress of traveling took a toll on my supply and i felt like i was running a little low. i had been meaning to make lactation cookies for awhile, but packing demanded all of my attention.
while i was at home, i ate oatmeal every morning and drank milk maid tea (yuck) and i still didn’t have time to make lactation cookies. i was a little hesitant knowing that they had flax and yeast in them, but i found a recipe for some with m&ms so i figured they couldn’t be terrible.

they turned out AWESOME! and they work so well. ben thinks that it’s all in my head, but he isn’t the one waking up in the middle of the night to pump. i eat two in the morning and 2-3 at night before bed and if emery doesn’t wake up to eat during the night, i wake up engorged and leaky. i’ve started waking up in the middle of the night to pump. i still eat oatmeal every morning, so that could be helping too.

i found the recipe on pinterest, but i changed it a little bit to fit my needs. you can find the original below.

here’s my adaptation…

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17 weeks and teething

well… i’ve done it again. i’ve gotten so busy that i forgot to blog for… 10 weeks. oops.

since the last time i wrote, emery and i went to chicago to see family, my dad got married and now we’re back in scottsdale. emery can now completely hold her head up on her own, roll from tummy to back and on friday she started rolling from back to tummy. i’m sure i’m not the first mom to be absolutely terrified… i’m not at all ready for a mobile little one. almost gone are the days when i can put her in one spot and she’ll stay put while i pee.
we’ve started experimenting with babywearing. i bought the ergobaby original with the infant insert and i received the baby k’taan for my baby shower. i first tried the baby k’taan right after i had emery and i was still in the process of losing my pregnancy weight, so it didn’t fit and just wound up frustrating emery and i. the baby k’taan is sized to fit the wearer, not the baby, which is difficult if ben ever wanted to wear it… we’d have to buy a second one. then i gave in and bought the ergobaby original with the infant insert. it was a breeze to put on and emery loved it. the downside to the ergo was that when she was tinier, we needed to use the infant insert which was a good concept in theory, but living in arizona, it can be dangerously hot. if you’ve never seen it, it’s like a little mini comforter cannoli with a pillow at the bottom that provides a boost as well as head support for babies who haven’t quite mastered neck control yet. the insert was nice in the chilly grocery store, though. but now i’m getting off-topic. ANYWAY! i’m bought a ring sling. i’ve heard great things and they’re supposed to be easy to nurse in (a skill i have not yet attempted with the k’taan or the ergo).
ohhhhh what i wouldn’t give to be able to nurse no-handed while walking around the apartment.
i wound up buying the sakura bloom in marine. it’s a BEAUTIFUL blue color and it’s a really nice, sturdy linen. i washed it this morning and now i’m waiting for it to dry. fingers crossed we can use it tomorrow.

emery is going through a god-awful leap (wonder weeks, anyone?) slash growth spurt and she just started teething.
so… much… drool…
my heart aches for her, i’m sure it’s extremely painful and it isn’t like you can explain what’s going on and why to a four-month-old.
and on top of it, i clipped her finger last night while i was cutting her nails. there was blood and tears (more from me than her) but ultimately, a band-aid fixed everything. i felt like the world’s worst mom, worthy of being fired. ben said that i should go to “mommy jail.” thanks, ben.
i, naturally, googled what to do and realized that it’s basically a rite of passage into motherhood. it won’t be the last time i’ll have to apply pressure and sing to distract her from the blood. i see a lot of cut fingers and scraped knees in my future.

i bought punkin butt teething oil for emmy’s gums and she was a little hesitant. i’ve been giving her tylenol and that seems to be working, but i don’t like the idea of giving her so much acetaminophen. i’ll try the oil again later this week. the doctor said that she’s just going through a very “oral phase” and i probably shouldn’t worry too much about teeth coming through yet, although it is possible that her gums are beginning to get sore.

being a mom is exhausting!

in beauty news…
i’ve switched from bobbi brown brow powder to an anastasia beverly hills ‘brow wiz’ brow pencil in chocolate ($21 at sephora) and i swear it changed my life. my brows look FIERCE. i’m a fan of natural-looking brows for every day and i like to save the super-stylized sharp-edged brows for when i go out (which is never… but when it DOES happen…). it’s super easy to use with the skinny pencil on one side and a spoolie on the other for blending and grooming. i just use short strokes from the inner corner to the outer edge and it’s kinda fun! it takes a little longer than i was spending with the powder, but it’s well worth the few extra seconds.

i made an attempt at making a graphic with a picture of the brow pencil and my eyebrows after i used it, but my skills are sub-par at best. i’m working on it.


well… i know this was kind of a hodgepodge post, but i’m still trying to find my stride with this blog. so here’s a picture of emery to make up for my nonsense.


next post is going to be a recipe… yay!

xo, a