from LA to AZ

it’s hard to believe my little one is already 7 weeks old. i never believed other parents when they gushed about how quickly it goes, but it turns out they weren’t lying.

i was planning to start the blog on january first, but life got a little hectic. in january, ben and i made the decision to move to scottsdale, arizona in march when our lease was up. it was time to give up our big city lifestyle for something a little quieter. we went to visit in late january and found a beautiful two-bedroom apartment and we signed a lease.

emery rose came into the world on valentine’s day, my very favorite holiday. i’m convinced she waited the five days past her due date because she knew. at 5:56 am, after 19 hours of labor, my little 7 lb 14 oz, 19.5-inch bundle screamed her way into our life. i watched from the operating table as ben fell in love with this very upset mini human and i fell more in love with him. it was the best (and most memorable) valentine’s day i’ve ever had. ben is gonna have a hard time topping that one. it was quite the birth story, but that’s another post for another day.

we moved to scottsdale on march 20th with the help of ben’s parents. it was an emotional 401-mile car ride away from the place where we called home for 15 months, got engaged and had our daughter. i have a love-hate relationship with LA, but it’ll always have a place in my heart.

since the move, ben started his job and i’ve started mine as a stay-at-home-mom. it’s been an interesting couple of weeks, but i’m finally adjusting. boxes are slowly getting unpacked, we’re settling into a routine and scottsdale is starting to feel like home. i forgot how convenient living in the suburbs was and i never thought i missed them until i became a mom. FREE parking at whole foods? AND i don’t have to drive around for 45 minutes to find a spot?! DRIVE THRU STARBUCKS!??!?!? i think i died in an accident ’cause this must be heaven (kanye anyone?)

the transition from los angeles to scottsdale has been much easier than the transition from chicago to los angeles. moving away from my very close-knit family was the single most difficult decision i’ve ever made and i struggled with it the entire time we were in LA. it’s still hard, but emery is a welcome distraction. besides, everyone is itching to come see her, so i’ll be seeing much more of them this year. we’ve already entertained both of my parents, my grandma and ben’s parents. and both of my parents have trips already lined up to come out to see us this summer and fall. i’m happy to know that even though we’re so far away, they will still be prominent figures in my daughter’s life.

well… now you know my story. i plan to use this blog to post about my transition into motherhood as well as arizona residency and come summer 2016, marriage. prepare for recipes, fashion, makeup, interior design, wedding, all things baby and anything else that pops into my head.

i hope you all enjoyed reading and i hope you continue to read as my life gets more and more interesting.

xo, amanda.

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